CBD Oil – frequently asked questions

Today CBD oil is a help that cannot be renounced.

It is used to support natural defenses, heart protection, healthy skin and low blood sugar levels. There are many questions that need to be answered regarding CBD oil. In today’s article we present the 10 most important questions that may interest you when buying and choosing CBD oil.

1. Can CBD oil help me with my illness?

The use of CBD oil as a treatment for various diseases is unfortunately not permitted. CBD products are sold as dietary supplements that help keep your body and mind healthy. CBD oil exists for anyone, regardless of whether you are healthy or sick.
CBD oil provides a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 and also comes from organic farming.

The best thing you can do is to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine. Many of you recognize the importance of balance in your daily life. The daily use of CBD is a great way to support and balance the body (especially the endocannabinoid system). There is no reason why you should not use CBD preventively.

2. CBD oil “stunts”?

Often people think that using CBD means feeling the same sensations as when you smoke. That doesn’t make any sense. Your mind will not change when using CBD, but your body will. The way CBD is made allows us to extract all the natural nutrients and benefits of hemp. CBD has no intoxicating effect, but on the contrary you will have a product that is safe and natural.

3. CBD oil – is it legal?

CBD can come from medical plants or technical hemp plants. According to the law that has a lot of THC is illegal. For this reason CBD comes from legal plant varieties that contain a permitted percentage of THC up to 0.03%.

4. Does CBD oil appear in drug tests?

It is an illegal part of the plant. Most CBD or CBD oil is sold with the allowed percentage of THC (up to 0.03%). It is not a quantity that can cause problems with drug testing. It is good to know that there are no tests for CBD and that in most jobs there will be no problems if you take CBD – which is a non-psychoactive substance.

5. Is CBD oil addictive?

The hemp plant is known for its recreational discoveries and although this does not mean that it is addictive, it can happen to develop an addiction to hemp. However, we rule out 100% that you can become addicted if you use CBD oil. This is not an addictive substance, you can rest assured.

6. CBD oil – how much can you take per day?

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that works differently and reacts differently to CBD. So there is no universal guide to how much CBD you can take. However, it is recommended to start with small doses of CBD and increase them from time to time. It is also recommended not to overdo the recommended daily doses.

CBD oil is not addictive because it contains little or no traces of THC. THC is a component that can make you dependent on hemp.

7. Can I use CBD oil together with other medicines?

When it comes to combining medicines with CBD oil we recommend that you consult your doctor. We also recommend that you always follow the recommended dose and do not overdo it.

8. Can children also use CBD oil?

CBD or cannabinoids exist naturally in the human body and interact with the endocannabinoid system, controlling communication between cells to mediate in body functions. If hemp is needed naturally in the human body, why should CBD oil not be used by children?

CBD is not a psychoactive substance so your child will not be intoxicated after use.

9. In addition to CBD oil can I consume CBD in a different way?

CBD exists in different forms and that is why it is so exciting as a product. Everyone can choose their preferred way of using it. You can take CBD capsules. CBD e-liquids, CBD tea, or creams with CBD.
No matter what form of CBD you choose, the most important thing is to choose the way that suits you best.

10. Can animals also take CBD?

CBD oil is also great for animals. We have many customers who use CBD for their animals. The truth is that you can use the same CBD oil for animals as you do. But don’t forget that your pet has a more developed endocannabinoid system, so be careful with the dosage.

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