About Me

My name is Betty Orlando and I am the founder of hunt and fish finder, a platform where you can find out about different destinations to travel to and useful travelling tips! This is the right place for you to fuel your desire to travel as well and learn how to do it despite your hectic schedule.

I’ve been travelling regularly since my exchange in Switzerland for my English Literature degree at Boston University, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I discovered the joy of solo adventures. Although I don’t always travel alone nowadays (my boyfriend likes to accompany me on trips as often as he can) I still prefer the freedom of planning my own activities and meeting new people. And this is why I blog primarily about independently organised adventures.

I also write about budget travel (since I am a student myself) , enjoying the great outdoors, connecting with nature, and about using travel to explore my full potential and to face my fears. I’ve skydived over Fox Glacier in New Zealand, mountain-biked down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, and battled through altitude sickness on a climb through Jungfrau in Switzerland.

Stay with me for more independent trip updates as we continue to travel on!